Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Word cloud

Hi every body today I am going to post about what I have learnt today.I have learnt new words and how to put similes and describing words in a poem and our writing. Example ( As dangerous as a extent dinosaur.What was tricky about it was when 
I had to step up and had to try and think of some words.What is fun about it is when i publish it and get it done.Here is my work.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Report about life Jackets

                                            Maritime museum life jackets

                       Hi we are learning about life jackets.It shows life jackets made out of cork,soft foam,and kapok.
Also room 7,and 6,and,5 are going on a trip to the maritime museum.When we get there we are going to look for some facts and then we are going to go on the ted Ashby boat.But when we go on it there are some rules.And also we are going to wear a life jacket.
List of what life jacket we are going to were:
  • inflatable life jackets
  • life jackets made from synthetic foam.

       Information about life jackets

    When you have a life jacket you will have to were it were ever you go on the sea water.So that you can be safe.Also what ever life jacket you wear are different.Some of them can get soggy and heavy then you seek.And most modern life jackets.

Well some life jackets are good.The life jackets that have gas full of ear are rely good.Because there is a tracker on the side of the jacket and there is a whistle   

The whistle is orange and the ear is in the red thing.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Safety Information


NO Touching

No Drinking
No Eating
No Ruining

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Captain cook, charting our islands

I think that you should read about Captain cook charting our islands.Because it has a lot of good information that tells you about Captain cook and his people travels to other country's we they have not been before  .Also I fined this awesome fact that Tell's you about soundings.Soundings is a tipe of rope but it has markers to see how deep the ocean is.It is saw t of like measurement.And it is fun because you can try and make it. List: Rope,Markers ,lead weight.Did you no that my protection is that when travel some were in a boat you might see nature staff that you haven't seen before and you might see new birds.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Maritime museam

Immigration and Identity

About the Maritime museum it is so interesting that you should go Because Wesley primary school is going but only room 5,room 7,room 6 are going.
And we are going to learn about Immigration and about wake's also you can learn which waka you came on or you can see which boat you came on to Aotearoa also you will go on a boat and you can learn facts about in the olden days.You should go because your ancestors might be on a map.The End

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bonus Activity:Blade runner 2099

Hi today i am going to predict what the country will look like in 2099.I come from Wesley primary School potter ave.I think that the house's will look all rusty, and dirty,and old.And there will be more home loss people in the streets.Because every body that has a house it might get broken.

What do you think...

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Two Subjects what i do at school.Wesley

1.I learn fractions because i like it and so if i go to the shops or some were i might not no how to cut a cake.My next steps are to Stay focused on my fractions so i can no how to cut stuff.

2. Reading,is important because if you go on a trip then you might get lost. That's why it is important so that you can read a map.

This was challenging when i made this because it talk me ideas to try and think of this.I think next time I should check  it before posting because last time I had posted one before and it dide'nt have E nee tittle.